General: The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW) Awards Program was instituted by resolution at the 11th MOFW National Triennial Convention and was primarily concerned with presentations at the US Military Academy and the US Naval Academy. The first awards were made in 1929. The US Coast Guard Academy was added to the program in 1941, followed by the US Air Force Academy in 1957, and the US Merchant Marine Academy in1999. During the late 1920s and 1930s resolutions were made to support and encourage the Citizens Military Training Corps (now defunct) and the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) movements throughout the country. This gave rise to the awards of medals by resolution of the 1973 Convention by which state Commanderies could select and present ROTC medals. With the increase in interest of Junior ROTC in high schools, these programs were included in the MOFW Awards Program.

Medals: The MOFW issues two ROTC/JROTC/OCS Medals – Bronze for Academics and Silver for Leadership. This a circular medal containing the Seal of the Order and is suspended by a ribbon of the Order’s colors. The reverse side of the medal is blank and may be used to inscribe the recipient’s name and presentation date. The medal is also presented with a MOFW service ribbon. ROTC/JROTC/OCS Certificates (ROTC/JROTC/OCS ACADEMIC AWARD & ROTC/JROTC/OCS LEADERSHIP AWARD) are available to accompany the medal as well as a Gold Foil Presentation folder. All items are carried in stock by the Order’s Deputy Quartermaster-General.

Selection of Schools and Presentation Criteria: (1) Selection: The selection of which university, college, and/or high school to support is left to the discretion of the presenter or presenting organization (i.e., State Commandery, individual donor, ROTC/JROTC/OCS Staff, etc.). (2) Presentation: Since every university, college, and/or high school is “unique”, the presentation criterion is left to the presenting organization. The National MOFW does not have any requirements for presentation other than the Bronze Medal that is presented for Academic Excellence and the Silver for Exceptional Leadership.

Cost: The cost to support the ROTC/JROTC/OCS Program is the responsibility of the State Commanderies, the school and/or individual benefactors. The MOFW is a non-profit 501(c)3 Veterans organization and collects no sales tax.

ROTC/JROTC/OCS Medal………………… $ 35.00 *
ROTC/JROTC/OCS Certificate…………….$ 5.00 *

How to Order: Visit the Order’s web site at the ROTC Quartermaster (Click Here). Please download this .pdf Form to your computer as it is a fillable format for ease of use.

Please send the ROTC Quartermaster order form to [email: sirdrhathawaysr@gmail.com].
You may also pay via Paypal at the above email.